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Tenants have been burdened with the costs resulting from the government's tax measures on buy-to-let landlords.

Call for Tax Reforms to Increase Rental Home Supply

Are Energy Performance Certificates in urgent need of a reform?

Do the government need to reform the current EPC system? 

Kurtis Property have Been Shortlisted for the ESTAS Awards 2024!

Kurtis Property are proud to announce shortlisting for The ESTAS Awards 2024

What is the major concern for landlords in the arise of the Renters (Reform) Bill?

There a huge concerns for private landlords with regards to the implementation of the Renters (Reform) Bill? 

What is currently happening to the UK housing market?

The UK housing market is experiencing several notable trends

Kurtis Property Are Raising Money For Orchid Cancer.

We Are Fundraising For Orchid Cancer by Taking Part In The Nuclear Races!

Plans for abolishing section 21 evictions & end of fixed-term tenancies

Landlords worry over abolishment plans of section 21 evictions and end of fixed-term tenancies 

Damp & Mould remain a major issue for the property industry

The UK Goverment implement laws in relation to damp & mould issues
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