What is the major concern for landlords in the arise of the Renters (Reform) Bill?

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

What is the major concern for landlords in the arise of the Renters (Reform) Bill?

There are huge concerns for private landlords about pets in rental properties ahead of the implementation of the Renters (Reform) Bill. 

This bill insinuates comprehensive changes, including the demolishment of evictions under a section 21, the introduction of a lifetime deposit system and as mentioned above, provisions for tenants to request permission from their landlords to keep pets. Whilst these new changes look to offer more security for tenants, they have been seen to raise significant questions about the impact on landlords and the management of their property. 

It has been indicated that from a study that 57% of UK households had a pet in 2023 and research shows that they faced hurdles with property maintenance, tenant relationships and building management, resulting in a palpable apprehension for landlords ahead of this rule being brought into place. The bills approach to pet ownership is even surpassing the concerns on potential effects of abolishment of the section 21 evictions - this clearly displays the magnitude of the pet policy issue within the rental property sector. 

Main issues noted by landlords are as follows: 

- Ownership of dogs in flats can result in difficulty as no outdoor space in most instances, also barking could provide issues with neighbour disturbance.

- Pets can be destructive if left alone for long periods of time, making it harder for landlords to maintain a decent standard of living for their tenants. 

It is noted that the implementation of this policy requires careful consideration to balance both the landlord & tenants interests. It is clear that not all property types will be suitable for pets, for example flats within blocks & properties with no outdoor space. The third reading has recently included a mandate to say that the tenants must maintain insurance to cover potential pet damage or compensate the landlord for obtaining such insurance. 

It seems that this is a positive step forward for tenants & their pets, however more detail is still needed to ensure pets can only be requested in an appropriate property. 


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