Selective Property Licencing

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2017

Selective Property Licencing

Landlords that have properties in the London Borough of Redbridge like other Boroughs including Newham, Barking & Dagenham & Waltham Forest now have to apply for a Selective Property Licence in order to rent a property.

The licence needs to be applied for prior to a tenant taking up occupation and requires a full application on line. Part of the licence application requires you to provide copies of certification including EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), Gas Safety Inspection, Full Electrical Inspection Report and PAT Test (Portable Appliance Certificate). They also require fire safety proof which includes providing documentation to show you have working smoke alarms and also that you have CO Alarms (Carbon Monoxide).

These licence last for 5 years and cost £500.00 however, if applied for within the first two months of the licence going live then they also offer a discount of 50%. Failure to apply can result in a fine of upto £30,000 and could get a criminal record.

Kurtis Property Services have applied for many licences on behalf of landlords as the application can be difficult to apply for unless you are very familiar with the property. Reasons include that the application requires you to provide room measurements and locations and details of the habitable rooms, you would also need to provide full occupancy information should the property already be rented.

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Kurtis Property Services Selective Property Licensing For Landlords in Redbridge, Nehham and Dagenham.